A long, winding road to retirement requires a trustworthy partner. We’re here to walk with you.

Why Principal?

A wide range constituent fund choices covering different risk/return profile
Global investment professionals and experts in managing the constituent funds
Value-added services including Principal TeleTouch© hotline service (IVRS), Principal MPF internet service, Principal Mobile Application, e-newsletters and client seminars

Tip 1: Keep it simple and stay on top

Consolidate multiple MPF accounts into one account. This enables you to easily manage all your assets.

Tip 2: Prepare yourself and your beloved one’s future

Investing early and allow compounding to be your friend. Choose a mix of investments from various asset classes as this manages risk and averages the cost.

Tip 3: Review your portfolio regularly

Investing isn’t an one-off exercise. You’ll have to regularly review and adjust. If required, against your long term goals and market situation. Use our Fund Switching services to change MPF funds anywhere anytime.

Tip 4: Planning your retirement dream

Consider these factors: Stage of life, retirement lifestyle, your saving power and risk tolerance level to know where you stand

Employer Enrollment

Talk to our expert Customer Service team to help you manage MPF schemes for your employees. Let us deal with the heavy lifting

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