Additional MPF Contributions

For a brighter future – preparation is never too early or much.

Why we need additional MPF contributions?

In this day with increasing inflation rate, low interest rates and Hong Kong’s high life expectancy, just relying on your MPF for a pleasant retirement fund can’t be assured. Make additional voluntary contributions to your MPF may help you achieve your retirement goals.

Investing early and allow compound effect to be your friend.

Benefits of Additional MPF Contributions


Invest early and more. Grow your wealth effectively with compound effect


Better financial management may help you secure a stable income and a better retirement life


Tackle inflation

Consideration factors

You may decide the amount of your retirement saving by considering the following factors

Your financial situation


Years before retirement


Expected spending after retirement


Life expectancy


Inflation rate


Expected return from investments

Employee Voluntary Contribution

Through your current employer scheme, make additional contribution more than 5% of your relevant income as employee voluntary contribution. Subject to the governing rules of your MPF scheme, you can withdraw or transfer accrued benefits derived from employee voluntary contribution at the end of your employment.


Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions

The requirement of withdrawal and preservation are the same as Mandatory Contribution but has the added benefits of tax reduction and flexible contributions

Special Voluntary Contributions

A flexible investment tool allowing you to choose your preferred trustee, change contribution amount, withdraw benefits (subject to withdrawal condition of individual MPF scheme) without waiting until you're 65 years old


Comparison of Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions, Mandatory Contributions and Special Voluntary Contributions

Additional Important Information

1. A maximum of HK$60,000 is tax deductible under salaries tax and personal assessment per year.

2. A maximum of HK$18,000 is tax deductible under salaries tax, personal assessment and profits tax (for self-employed) per year.

3. The Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA) gives employees greater autonomy, allowing them to, once a year, opt to transfer the accrued benefits derived from the employee mandatory contributions in their contribution accounts to a scheme of their own choice.

4. Withdrawal of TVC accrued benefits must meet any of the following requirements: retirement (attaining the age of 65); early retirement (attaining the age of 60 and ceased all employment or self-employment with no intention of becoming employed or self-employed again); death; small balances; permanent departure from Hong Kong SAR; total incapacity; or terminal illness.

5. Please refer to relevant MPF scheme brochure.​

6. AUM stands for Asset Under Management.​

Retirement Calculator

Don’t guesstimate your retirement readiness. Use our calculator to help better understand where you stand and help prepare for the future.