Overview of Constituent Funds

Employers and employees have the different needs. That's why we offer complete flexibility by allowing you to choose from any one or a combination of our MPF Schemes, which provide different degree of comprehensiveness and flexibility. And, we offer those products on a "one-stop-shop" basis where all important services, including trust, investment management and administration, are provided on a coordinated basis.

# The following classifications of Risk/Return Profile for each constituent fund are determined by the Investment Manager, Principal Asset Management Company (Asia) Limited, based on past volatility (i.e. annualized standard deviation of returns) and relative risk levels among the constituent funds in the Scheme. The classifications of the Risk/Return Profile will be reviewed by the Investment Manager on an annual basis and are provided for reference only.

Principal MPF Scheme Series 800

Risk Classification#Constituent FundSeries 800
LowPrincipal MPF Conservative Fund
ModeratePrincipal Age 65 Plus Fund
Principal Asian Bond Fund
Principal Hong Kong Bond Fund
Principal International Bond Fund
Principal Stable Yield Fund
Moderate to HighPrincipal Core Accumulation Fund
Principal Long Term Accumulation Fund
Principal Global Growth Fund
HighPrincipal US Equity Fund
Principal Aggressive Strategy Fund
Principal Asian Equity Fund
Principal China Equity Fund
Principal Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund
Principal Hong Kong Equity Fund
Principal International Equity Fund

Investment involves risks. The value of the funds may go up or down. You should not invest in reliance on this website alone. You should read the MPF Scheme Brochures of the relevant MPF Schemes for further details (including investment policy, risk factors, fee and charges of the constituent funds.)