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What is eMPF platform?

The eMPF Platform is a major infrastructure which aims to reshape the administrative models of MPF schemes and to standardize, streamline and automate the existing scheme administrative processes. 

It is the most significant reform of the MPF System since its introduction. Through the adoption of new technologies and future-proof innovative solutions, the Platform will provide comprehensive MPF scheme administration services to 4.7 million MPF scheme members and 360,000 employers, bringing about revolutionary changes to the MPF ecosystem.


When will the eMPF Platform be launched?

Subject to the orderly transition by trustees in sequence upon completion of development, the Platform plans to come into full operation in 2025. 

Please refer to eMPF website for details.



  • Please regularly review your contribution account to ensure the accuracy of your contribution details.
  • Please regularly evaluate the performance of the constituent funds you have chosen, review your investment portfolios and make corresponding adjustments based on different life stages’ needs and your risk tolerance level.
  • Upon successfully submitting the instruction to change the investment option through electronic channels, a confirmation will be displayed with a reference number.
  • When considering transferring the accumulated benefits, you should consider the potential risk of funds not being invested in the market during the transfer period from one MPF scheme to another.
  • If you have multiple MPF Personal Accounts, you may consider consolidating these accounts into any personal account or contribution account for easier management. 
  • You can use the online platforms provided by MPFA to assist you in comparing the services, fees, and fund performance of different trustees, so to find the right scheme and constituent fund(s) that suit your needs.


  • Carefully review all the contribution data stated on the statement to ensure accuracy.
  • For employees with zero income during the contribution period, please indicate on the remittance statement that the employee’s relevant income is zero.
  • The company name on the company chop must match the company name on the remittance statement. Please ensure the authorized signature and company chop are clear and consistent with the record.

  • Cash payments are not accepted; we only accept autopay, cheques, bank-in/bill payments as contribution payment methods.
  • Please ensure that the Payee Name aligns with the Scheme Name if the payment is by cheque:

    Scheme namePayee name
    Principal MPF Scheme Series 800PTC - MPF S800
    Principal MPF - Smart PlanPTC - Smart plan
    Principal MPF - Simple PlanPTC - Simple plan
  • If contributions to multiple employer accounts under the same MPF scheme are paid by a single cheque, please ensure that all contract numbers are clearly indicated on the remittance statement or the payment proof.
  • If contributions for multiple upcoming contribution periods are paid by a single cheque, all contributions will be processed in the same single transaction, on the same transaction date.
  • We only accept contribution payments made from the bank account(s) associated with your company. Please refrain from using bank accounts of other individuals or organizations. In the event that the payment is made from a third-party payer’s account, we reserve the right to arrange a refund to the payer’s account via the original payment channel.
  • If the contribution payroll cycle is more frequent than monthly payments, you should pay the contributions to the trustee within the first 10 calendar days of the next calendar month.
  • Must be made to the trustee on or before the designated due date for the contribution period after the completion of 60 days of employment between the employer and the employee.
  • If you fail to make timely contribution payments, including late or underpayments, you will be required to pay an additional contribution surcharge. The contribution surcharge will be calculated based on 5% of the contribution amount for that specific contribution period.
  • Once the eMPF Platform comes into operation, it will replace our existing administration system. All remittance statements for contributions, and employee data for employee enrollment and termination, will only be processed on the eMPF Platform.
  • Please request for Technical Specifications via this link and register for API Integration Test via this link. MPFA representatives will contact you and make arrangement accordingly.

  • For details, please refer to the FAQ provided by MPFA via this link (only English version is available).