Retirement Planning

How to secure the source of cash flow after retirement

At which point would you consider
withdrawal of accrued benefits?

Consider your personal needs before deciding on how to manage your MPF benefits

Evaluate whether you have enough assets to cover your retirement needs. Please note that MPF is only part of your retirement assets, so you should plan for your retirement well by considering your MPF together with any other retirement savings you may have.

Retirement savings should be made up of the following three parts:


Sufficient cash to meet your short-term daily needs for about three to five years;

Permanent departure

A moderate risk asset portfolio that may keep up with inflation for use in five years’ time (such as investment-grade bonds or bond funds, or endowment insurance policies)

Total incapacity

A moderately aggressive asset portfolio aimed at achieving a satisfactory value in the long term, for use in eight to ten years’ time (such as Equity Funds or Mixed Assets Funds).

3 ways to manage your MPF upon retirement at the age of 65

Are the accrued benefits enough to support your living after retirement?

Use our Retirement Calculator to better understand where you stand and help prepare for future. Reinvest your accrued benefits can secure a stable income and a better retirement life.

After retirement, you may lose main source of income.
However, you can invest your accrued benefits to continually grow your pool of savings.


Investment involves risks. The value of the funds may go up or down. The past performance is not indicative of future performance. Your investment may suffer significant loss. There is no assurance on investment returns, and you may not get back the amount originally invested. You should not invest in reliance on this marketing material alone. You should read the MPF Scheme Brochure for further details (including investment policy, risk factors, fee and charges of the constituent funds).