Consolidate your MPF account now!
Are you able to recall your balance of MPF accounts?
Not to mention the account balance, sooner or later you may forget how many MPF accounts you have. To save time and for easier management, you may consider consolidating into one account with us in few easy steps and enjoy a delightful reward.
Delightful Reward
From now on, as a new MPF Personal Account members with Principal, who have successfully transferred their accrued benefit with minimum HK$40,000 to MPF Personal Account of Principal MPF Scheme Series 800, may enjoy management fee offer (“Effective Management Fee”, please refer to the table below for details) of up to 0.36% Management fee discount by way of bonus unit rebate on a monthly basis.
PA Reward
Name of Constituent FundStandard Management Fee
(% p.a. of NAV)#
Effective Management Fee after discount
(% p.a. of NAV)#
Management Fee Discount
(% p.a. of NAV)#
Principal China Equity Fund1.44%1.14%0.30%
Principal Hong Kong Equity Fund1.35%1.14%0.21%
Principal Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund^n0.77%0.77%0.00%
Principal Asian Equity Fund1.44%1.14%0.30%
Principal US Equity Fund1.44%1.14%0.30%
Principal International Equity Fund1.44%1.14%0.30%
Principal Aggressive Strategy Fund1.45%1.11%0.34%
Principal Global Growth Fund1.45%1.09%0.36%
Principal Core Accumulation Fundn0.75%0.75%0.00%
Principal Long Term Accumulation Fund1.45%1.09%0.36%
Principal Stable Yield Fund1.45%1.09%0.36%
Principal Age 65 Plus Fundn0.75%0.75%0.00%
Principal Asian Bond Fundn0.94%0.94%0.00%
Principal International Bond Fund1.25%0.99%0.26%
Principal Hong Kong Bond Fundn0.99%0.99%0.00%
Principal HK Dollar Savings Fund0.99%0.84%0.15%
Principal MPF Conservative Fundn0.95%0.84%0.11%

#  Management fees at the constituent fund level is deducted from relevant constituent fund assets.
n Management fee current level refers to Class N units of following constituent funds - Principal MPF Conservative Fund, Principal Hang Seng Index Tracking Fund, Principal Hong Kong Bond Fund, Principal Core Accumulation Fund, Principal Age 65 Plus Fund and Principal Asian Bond Fund. For the rest of the constituent funds, the current level refers to Class I units instead.
^  Plus management fee of 0.03% to 0.09% p.a. of NAV payable out of the underlying funds.

The bonus units rebates form part of the account value and are therefore subject to the relevant fees and charges as set out in section 5 (fees and charges) of the MPF Scheme Brochure of Principal MPF Scheme Series 800.

Terms and conditions apply, click below to see the related leaflet for more details.

Related leaflet  

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Investment involves risks. The value of the funds may go up or down. The past performance is not indicative of future performance. Your investment may suffer significant loss. There is no assurance on investment returns and you may not get back the amount originally invested. You should not invest in reliance on this marketing material alone. You should read the MPF Scheme Brochure for further details (including investment policy, risk factors, fee and charges of the Constituent Funds).

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