Principal Sustainable Asian Income Fund 
Capture potential monthly income opportunities *

*Dividend is not guaranteed. Investment involves risks.

Principal Sustainable Asian Income Fund

Are you looking for an investment product with potential income while also being impactful to society? All securities investable in Principal Sustainable Asian Income Fund are screened with the aim of identifying ESG (environmental, social and governance) achievers. It may offer opportunities to achieve wealth growth by generating potential sustainable long-term investment return, while contributing a positive impact on society and the environment.

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Discover the advantages of Asian ESG funds to capture investment opportunities

Global investors tend to incorporate ESG in their investment strategies. In the face of the severe climate change risks, the developed ESG measures in Asia may create investment opportunities for investors. Discover the benefits of investing in sustainable Asian funds to extract more value out of your capital.

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Fast-growing ESG bonds market

The sustainable bonds market in Asia Pacific* is at the early stages of development . Its scale in 2022 has been expanded 6 times more than 2016 level1. The growth is expected to continue. 

*Excluded Japan

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Asia’s upturn potential

Asia delivers resilience despite the COVID-19 pandemic impact with relatively stable GDP growth throughout the period. Therefore, they are expected to have a relatively faster economic rebound in post-pandemic times.

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Asian bonds with solid fundamentals

The financial impact factors affecting Asian bonds are stabilizing, making its valuation is relatively more attractive than US bonds, and may provide potential additional returns to investors.

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Asian markets offer opportunities with competitive yields

Benefiting from higher yields potential and relatively short duration when compared to the developed markets, which may provide a cushion for Asian markets to rising interest rates.

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About ESG

What is ESG?

ESG, also known as “sustainability”, are the factors that can be integrated in the investment decision-making process to evaluate the ethical impacts of a company.

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To improve the environment , for instance, reduce carbon footprint, waste management practice and resources consumption to improve the environment.

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Impacts on the society, including their treatment to employees, clients and suppliers, and their contribution to the local community.

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Management and leadership practices, for instance, the composition of the board of directors, interest in human rights issues and transparency of financial reports.

Why Principal Sustainable Asian Income Fund?

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Best-in-class Strategy

All securities investable by the fund are screened with the aim of identifying companies that are equipped with excellent ESG characteristics or able to demonstrate improving sustainability attributes, to achieve a relatively better ESG rating than its reference index2.

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Strategic investment approach

Finding the appropriate investment balancing point with Core Plus Satellite Approach may enhance yield performance and diversify income exposure for the investors.

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Strong commitment to ESG

Adopt sector specific framework of each investable company to better reflect their environmental and social risks. Governance being the most important element among E, S and G for better risk management.

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Target Yield~





~ Target Yield is only available for income plus share class and refers to 2024 Q1 Target Yield, which is for reference only and subject to review every quarter and not guaranteed. Positive distribution yield does not imply positive return. Dividend is not guaranteed.
Source: Please refer to the Sales flyers.

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1. Source: Bloomberg, as of 31 December 2022.

2. Reference Index refers to ICE BofA Asian Dollar Index


Environmental, social and governance responsible investing (ESG) is qualitative and subjective by nature, and there is no guarantee that the criteria utilized, or judgment exercised, will reflect the beliefs or values of any one particular investor. Information regarding responsible practices is obtained through voluntary or third-party reporting, which may or may not be accurate or complete, and such information is used to evaluate a company’s commitment to, or implementation of, responsible practices. Socially responsible norms differ by region. ESG, while a component of our investment analysis, is only one part of the overall assessment in our decision-making activities. ESG criteria may present additional advantages or risks and does not protect against market risks or volatility. You should not make any investment assumptions based solely on the information contained herein. There is no assurance that the socially responsible investing strategy and techniques employed will be successful.

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Dividend is not guaranteed.

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